Chapter 6 - 5. My husband and I overcame the...

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Chapter 6 1. The 9/11 event  appalled  the whole U. S. 2. Being  cognizant  of obtaining our travel document, my husband and I  are able to travel outside the U.S. and come back without applying for  the Visa.  3. In the short story “A Rose For Emily”, the men  commiserated  with  one another about the death of Ms. Emily whereas the women  seemed to be more interested in her during her funeral.  4. Accepting Shaq seems  expedient  to the Phoenix Suns because their  goal is a championship this season, but as far as I concerned his age  and body condition are the hindrance for achieve that goal.   
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Unformatted text preview: 5. My husband and I overcame the hindrance---the long-distance relationship finally. 6. The call that my husband phoned to me in 2001 kindled my love to him. 7. I do not support a lavish wedding because it is not practical but extravagant. 8. Many Medias try to attract publics by mocking celebrities’ ludicrous behaviors. 9. Many overweight people are negligent to their daily diet. 10. After 9/11, every passenger has to be scrutinized in each check point in every airport....
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Chapter 6 - 5. My husband and I overcame the...

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