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Chapter 7 1. The stage burst into an excited clamor when they saw both teams appearing on the court during the Super Bowl. 2. With the economy continuing to contract , people begin raise fears of further political and economic problems. 3. People cannot bear the duplicity that Pre. Bush administration claimed there is nuclear weapon in Iraq. 4. Many celebrities are trained to be equivocal while being interviewed. 5. During the Great Depression, all industrial output remained stagnant . 6. In the short story “Harrison Bergeron”, the author depicts that the U. S. will become absolutely uniform in 2081. For example, beautiful people have to wear
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Unformatted text preview: an ugly mask, and slim ones are ordered to put on handicapped heave bags. 7. The scandal of having an affair with his assistant in Whitehouse left the former Pre. Clinton in an untenable position. 8. The famous director Spielberg rescinded as a director for Beijing Olympic in 2008 due to his disagreement with China government in dealing with Sudan political problems. 9. A person is entitled to bring a law suit against one who vilifies him/her. 10. My husband is irresolute about going to China next month because of his busy work schedule....
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