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Chapter 12 1. People are sorry for those young babies who died from the tainted formulas made by those devious manufactures. 2. People are always comforted by such a common saying: time will efface unpleasant memories. 3. People often use garrulous as a metaphor to describe housewives because of their hobbies of gossip. 4. “Generate and always die of illness” is an immutable natural cycle. 5. Generally speaking, fat people tend to have more ponderous movements than those slim people. 6. With the competition getting violent day by day, to rebuff a customer means huge losses for a
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Unformatted text preview: company. 7. Olympics fully manifests that sports have nothing to do with politics when the two medalists from two hostile countries had an amicable hug on the stage. 8. Rock and Roll music is a love for youngsters while the olds believe that it creates dissonance . 9. As a momentous presidential election approaches, a historian released an article that the greatness of being a president by giving examples of its two predecessors---Lincoln and FDR. 10. House prices, which have been static for a long time, are now greatly decreasing....
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