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Chapter 13 - articulate speech 6 It is always easy to have...

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Chapter 13 1. Before the night of the vice president debate, the Republican candidate Palin practiced many times to make sure that her ideas were clearly delineated in her speech. 2. Some experts criticized Palin was diffident on the stage, compared to Biden. 3. The Middle East is abundant with oil, but the water resources are scanty . 4. The England never subjugated to Nazi, unlike some other European countries who surrendered during WWII. 5. One of important abilities for a reporter is to give an
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Unformatted text preview: articulate speech. 6. It is always easy to have a bombastic talk than to take an action. 7. Do not acquiesce when your child behaves improperly. 8. Chinese government is being a conciliatory role during the conference between North and South Korea. 9. I used to being laconic when talking to other people because of my poor English. 10. In “Legally Blonde,” Elle’s boyfriend belittles her as a blonde and breaks up with her....
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