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Chapter 16 - irrefutable evidence in courts 5 The...

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Chapter 16 1. The  satirical  word “Hooverville” showed people’s disappointment and frustration with  the lack of assistance from the Hoover administration during the Great Depression. 2. The foreclosures  enervate  not only banks’ capability of capital flows but also a once  buoyant  economy.  3. Time is  inexorable , and we cannot stop it but to take fully advantage of it.  4. With the advance of technology, DAN detection becomes 
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Unformatted text preview: irrefutable evidence in courts. 5. The Republican’s reputation is marred by the poor policies under Bush administration. 6. A partisan person is often deemed as provincial and parochial . 7. During the Civil Rights movement, the hatred toward African-Americans became incorrigible , especially from KKK. Out of pique caused them to treat black people violently....
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