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Chapter 17 1. MLB is trying to cajole the top U.S. players into playing for the Team USA in the prestigious World Baseball Classic to improve upon its poor performance in 2006. 2. Many big investment companies like Leman Brother was forced to capitulate into bankruptcy during the recent economic crisis. 3. Some economic experts have a premonition that a recession is taking place in U.S. 4. A new graduate had his degree provoked by the Mormon-affiliated Brigham Young University because he created and published a calendar of shirtless ex- missionaries. The church judged his act an
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Unformatted text preview: egregious mistake exhibiting a reverent manner toward Mormon religion. 5. Many people are becoming stupor toward the political campaigns. 6. One reason that many young people dream of being celebrities is to have a great number of sycophants . 7. In the movie Sweet Home Alabama , Melanie, played by Reese Witherspoon, grew urbane and sophisticated as a successful fashion designer in New York City after leaving her provincial hometown in Alabama. 8. Young kids are often fascinated by zany shows and publications....
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