Chapter 19 - 5 In the movie Legally Blonde Elle is spurned...

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Chapter 19 1. Two cities in Japan were obliterated by nuclear bombs during WWII. 2. Many people once thought JFK was too young to be the president of the U.S., but his accomplishments showed that age would not preclude a person from being a capable president. 3. Most people seem to be clairvoyant when the Democratic presidential candidate Obama won Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania, where have the most intense competitions to both Parties during the election. 4. Having officious relatives could put a marriage in trouble.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. In the movie Legally Blonde, Elle is spurned by her boyfriend because he wants a Jackie rather than a Marylyn. 6. Children with Down syndrome are taciturn , and always live in their own worlds. 7. To accommodate the party base, McCain had to act more conservatively, which debilitated his maverick image. 8. Before the hurricane arrives, residents are evacuated to the contiguous states. 9. When a person is a celebrity, he/she often keeps a stealthy schedule in order to avoid paparazzi....
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