Before watching the movie Run Lola Run

Before watching the movie Run Lola Run - The film plays out...

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Ying Li Prof. Kashani Film 100 Sep. 28, 2008 Journal on Chapter 7 Before watching the movie Run Lola Run, I have already heard about how successful the movie was. It is a good example of small budget and huge reward. The story is quite simply. Lola's boyfriend has been given a simple job to do as a test for a local criminal gang. He only needs to deliver some smuggled goods and return with the payment, but he accidentally leaves the bag with the money on the subway while helping a homeless person. He calls Lola for help -- he must obtain the money within 20 minutes.
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Unformatted text preview: The film plays out various possible scenarios: Lola dies trying to save her feckless lover from the cops, Lola robs a bank, or Lola wins the money gambling. In my film class, I learn the term montage. Through watching the movie, I deeper understand the meaning of montage. It is assembled three scenes in one movie. I appreciate that the other minor characters who Lola encountered during running have different backgrounds and fortunes. These dramatic changes indicate that nobody knows what would happen in the future, even in a minute ....
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