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Ying Li Prof. Kashani Film 100 Sep. 28, 2008 Movie Critics: Legally Blonde (2001) Legally Blonde (2001) is one of my favorite movies, and I believe that it is focus on the feminist concept. In the traditional thoughts, a girl with blonde hair is deemed as a person who has “no brain but beauty;” like what Warner explained in the movie when he plans to break up with Elle: “I want to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn.” We know that it is a type of prejudice for women. Elle, played by Reese Witherspoon, proved that a girl can be gifted both beautiful and wise. Although the movie is a comedy, as the same time of entertainment, we are able to understand that people still hold certain prejudice toward other race or other different kind of human being. The movie reminds that with the
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Unformatted text preview: society advanced, thoughts and opinions of our people should change properly. The capability does not depend on sex, race or people’s appearances any more, and Legally Blonde fully manifests this point. Dumped by her boyfriend, Warner, Elle decides to go to Harvard Law. As beginning, her desire is just to take Warner back, nothing else. She breaks the rule as her father opinioned that law school is exclusively for people who are “boring, ugly and serious.” We won’t doubt that her father’s kind advice, but we feel that even her father agrees with that prejudice. Ironically, Elle employed her knowledge of beauty and fashion wins a lawsuit. This time, who else can say that it is useless of fashion merchandising major, and Marilyn is ready for Jackie’ job....
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