Quiz 2a - Quiz 2 Column A 1. The runaway greenhouse effect...

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Quiz 2 Column A 1. The runaway greenhouse effect is the reason for my high temperature. 2. I am the same size as Earth 3. I have icy rings 4. my “year” is the longest of any planet 5. I am the most massive planet Column B a) Venus b) Saturn c) Jupiter d) Neptune 6. When you are watching a movie, how does light interact with the screen? a) the screen refracts light b) the screen scatters light c) the screen transmits light d) the screen scatters light e) the screen emits light 7. What planet has the most tilted rotation axis? a) Saturn b) Neptune c) Earth d) Mars e) Uranus 8. Particles of light are called a) neutrons b) electrons c) isotopes d) protons e) photons 9. we can see from a) 100-300nm b) 100-300cm c) 500-700nm d) 400-700nm e) 400-700yds 10. the higher the photon energy, a) the longer the wavelength b) the greater the speed c) energy is independent of frequency d) the lower the frequency
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the higher the frequency 11. “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a statement of ? a) Kepler’s 1 st law b) Kepler’s 3 rd law c) Newton’s 3 rd law d) Newton’s 2 nd law e) Galileo’s law 12. The Voyager 2 space probe, is travelling 36000 miles per hour even though it has no fuel. Which law describes what is happening? a) Newton’s 1 st law b) Galileo’s law c) Tycho’s law d) Kepler’s 3 rd law e) Newton’s 3 rd law 13. In the equation F=GM1M2/d2, what is G? c) acceleration on the moon d) acceleration due to Earth’s gravity e) Universal Gravitation on constant 14. High or spring tide occurs during the phase. a). new moon b) Waxing crescent c) 1 st quarter d) Waning crescent e) Waning gibbous 15. What is true about X rays and ultraviolet light? a) X rays travel faster than ultraviolet light b) Ultraviolet light travels faster than X rays c) X rays and ultraviolet light travel at the same speed d) X rays have lower energy the ultraviolet light e) X rays have longer wavelength than ultraviolet light 16. How does the light collecting area of a 4 meter telescope compare with that of a 1 meter telescope? a) 4 times as large
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Quiz 2a - Quiz 2 Column A 1. The runaway greenhouse effect...

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