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a well, well-lighted place - Ying Li English 110 AG Dr...

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Ying Li English 110 AG Dr. Muriel M. Brennan Jan. 27, 2008 Literature Response Sheet Title : “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” Author : Ernest Hemingway Narrator : Non-participant Setting : Late night inside of a well-lighted café Protagonist : an older waiter Antagonist : a younger waiter Characters : an old man Symbols : a café is a sentimental refuge Polarities: an older waiter and a younger waiter Plot : The author narrated that the two waiters---an older and a younger waiter reflect different feelings about the loneliness when there is an old man who looks lonely and despair sitting in the café late. Compared to the younger waiter’s indifferent attitude towards the old man, the older waiter deeply understands what the old man’s feelings---“nada”, and an insomnia night starts for him. Theme : There is a clean, well-lighted place which people can escape from their own disparity and darkness.
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Response : This short story, in the surface, talked about an incident in the café where probably are
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