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English 110 AG Dr. Muriel M. Brennan Jan. 27, 2008 Literature Response Sheet Title : “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” Author : Ernest Hemingway Narrator : Non-participant that is partially omniscient. Setting : Late night at a well-lighted café Protagonist : The older waiter Antagonist : The younger waiter Characters : The old deaf man Symbols : Light: comfort, distraction from reality; Dark: loneliness, emptiness. Polarities: Light in the café vs darkness of night . Different attitudes towards the old man between the younger and older waiter. Plot : At a café late in the evening, only a deaf old man is there drinking. While watching him, two waiters, one old and one young, talk about the old man and his suicide attempt a week ago. The younger waiter wants to go home so he becomes irritated when the old man asks for more brandy and forces him to leave. When the two waiters are locking up the café, the older one explains the importance of having a well lighted café to the old man, but the younger waiter is not able to put himself in his shoes. On his way
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a well, well-lighted place2 - Ying Li English 110 AG Dr...

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