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Drawing Inferences from Literature

Drawing Inferences from Literature - Ying Li English 110 AG...

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Ying Li English 110 AG Dr. Muriel Brennan Feb. 4, 2008 Drawing Inferences from Literature In Your Notes: 1. A. Critical thinking consists of asking ourselves what we mean B. Critical thinking consists in never taking for granted that we know what other people mean C. critical thinking consists in not imposing our assumptions on what we read and hear 2. A. literature gives us the chance to experience life from another point of view B. Literature can challenge our values and perceptions C. Studying literature trains us to listen and read closely D. Studying literature sharpens our ear for language E. Literature gives us the means of self-knowledge 3. Knowing other people’s thoughts and point of views will enrich my understanding of my own life. People are not able to learn everything from their real experience, so to learn by reading other people’s life and evens is a helpful method. 4. I watched a movie called “Gettysburg” not long ago, and I was moved by some of characters. I believe that many people know about the story. The love and friendship between the Southern and Northern generals were touched me. We all know the war is cruel, and the generals from the both sides used to be very good colleagues in some other battles. However, the Civil War took them apart. They were force to become enemies and fought for where they were standing. There is a scene about a general from South asking about a general from North after the battle before dying, and he was told the Northern general was down. He said: “no, he can’t die, not both of us”. I was moved by what he said. He still cared about his friend at his last moment, and it also reflected the cruelty of the war.
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