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Ying Li Dr. Muriel Brennan ENG 110AG April 21, 2008 “What If” Nobody is perfect, but most of time people are anxious about what they have said or done wrong and sometimes even wish to take back their words or actions in an interview or date. David Ives’s Sure Thing describes such an idealistic scenario. Ives has said that this play was inspired by his own experience of having “stairway thoughts,” which he defines as “what you think of on the stairs going down and realize you should have said (Brantley C3).” This comic play explores several possibilities of a world in which the ringing of a bell allows the characters to take back any word that obstructs their intentions. The play’s main theme “what if” is set up by Ives’s clever employment of an interrupting bell ring that symbolizes a fresh start to make a good impression. In the real world, “stairway thoughts” may occur often, whereas Sure Thing is impossible; still, there are similar themes such as the speed dating format. Sure Thing takes place in a café where Bill tries to get acquainted with Betty. Each time a bell rings, Bill can take back his part of conversation when it goes
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wrong. Sure Thing presents a subject of “what if.” What if a would-be couple is given a chance to start over when their date goes astray? This witty one-act play answers this question, and also provides endless possibilities to solve it, and even makes it just right on both sides. A clever bell ring is set between each small section. When the bell rings, Bill will give another answer which is believed more sophisticated and appealing. For example, in attempting to speed up the
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formal_essay__3-Sure_Thing - Y ing Li Dr Muriel Brennan ENG...

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