Othello questions on act iv and v

Othello questions on act iv and v - (V ii 372 that Othello...

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Ying Li Dr. Muriel Brennan ENG 110AG April 8, 2008 Title : Othello Author : William Shakespeare Questions: ACT IV 5. What does the conversation between Emilia and Desdemona (Scene iii) tell us about the nature of each? Desdemona and Emilia become close to each other although they have different ideas in married life. Through their dialog, Desdemona is noble and ideal whereas Emilia tends to be open-minded and down-to-earth. Desdemona is a representative of traditional women in that era in that she dedicates herself to being a caring and loyal wife of Othello. This can be seen in her rather naïve statement that she would never be unfaithful even to save the world. Emilia, however, has a more modern view; she desires to be treated equally. “Let husbands know. Their wives have sense like them: they see and
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smell/And have their palates both for sweet and sour, /As husbands have” (IV, iii, 94-96). Li, 2 ACT V 6. In you view, does Othello’s long speech in V, ii 348-366 succeed in restoring his original dignity and nobility? Do you agree with Cassio
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Unformatted text preview: (V ii 372) that Othello was “great of heart”? Yes, I believe that Othello’s last speech succeeds in restoring his original dignity and nobility. After realizing he has wrongly killed his wife, he was courageous to admit his mistake despite his insecurity and the fact that he was deceived. He also addresses who he really is. “Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate, /Nor set down aught in malice” (V, ii, 53-54). He also talks about some of the other mistakes he made in the past and does not try to paint a better picture on his wrong deeds at all even though not all were his faults. He neither tries to extract sympathy from others. Yes, I agree with Cassio that Othello was “great of heart”. He wrongly killing his wife shows he loves her so much that he cannot bear any stain between them. Cassio understands Othello’s misery and desperation not only from Othello’s last speech but also from his short lifetime....
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Othello questions on act iv and v - (V ii 372 that Othello...

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