sure thing questions - 5 When does the climax of the play...

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Ying Li Dr. Muriel Brennan ENG 110AG Mar. 27, 2007 Drama : Sure Thing Author : David Ives Questions : 1. Ives originally planned to set Sure Thing at a bus stop. What does its current setting in a café suggest about the characters? A bus stop is a noisy and busy place with mostly strangers that are hard to get to know people. Café is relatively quiet and relax that are more suitable to meet new people. This suggests the two characters may well intend to meet other people there. 2. What happens on stage when the bell rings? With every bell rings, the two characters change their dialogs. Gradually, the two become more engaged in their conversations. 3. Who is the protagonist? What does the protagonist want? Bill is the protagonist, and he wants to share a table with Betty and talk to her. 4. Does the play have a dramatic question? Yes, it does. For example, “what’s a sort-of girlfriend? My mother.” “So what if I don’t have a penis?”
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Unformatted text preview: 5. When does the climax of the play occur? At the very last part, do you still what to go to the movies? Sure thing. Waiter! 6. Is Sure Thing a romantic comedy or a farce? I think Sure Thing is a romantic comedy not a farce. Li, 2 7. Sure Thing was not a funny play because it isnt realistic. Conversations just dont happen this way. Discuss that opinion. Do you agree or disagree? I disagree with this opinion. Sure Thing , to me, is a funny play. However, it is not only a funny play, but it also reflects the city life in our modern society. The author cleverly employs what if in this funny play. With each attempt after the bell rings, the two characters dialogs are deeper and more complete. I do not deny that some of their dialogs are dramatic, but it is a play, which not only shows the real peoples life, but also is in a dramatic and exaggerating way....
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sure thing questions - 5 When does the climax of the play...

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