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the weary blues - experiences and how they relate to...

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Ying Li Dr. Muriel Brennan ENG 110AG May 6, 2008 Title : The Weary Blues Author : Langston Hughes Response : The poem The Weary Blues is about a person hearing a black artist playing the blues on a piano “Down on Lenox Avenue the other night” (Hughes L4). The whole poem can be deemed as Blues music sung by a black artist, and Hughes takes advantage of the music structure to develop the poem. Through the poem, I sometimes feel the author is that black artist whereas other times I sense that the author is just a listener. However, no matter what the role the author appears to be in, it gives me a similar feeling that the poem, like its format, is full of blue tone and the author’s sympathy. The speaker, probably the author, the black artist or even a third person, understands the performer’s
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Unformatted text preview: experiences and how they relate to his/her own. The author is a well-known African-American poet in the eighteenth century, a period of African-American struggling in a society dominated by Caucasians. Mr. Hughes deeply understood the suffering of being black at that time, so most of his works are connected with black people, showing their misery and endurance. The type of music, Blues, has its root in the African-America community. Resembling its name, most Blue melodies overflow with sadness and sorrow. In “The Weary Blues,” the performer seems to have his blues; “Sweet Blues! /Coming from a black man’s soul” (Hughes L15), and those blues are what helps keep him alive, and keep his identity as well....
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