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assignment 5 - allow users to sort the data by...

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Management 100 Introduction to Business Management Spring 2007 Assignment 5 ID#: G00735866 1. data are raw facts that are useful on a rudimentary level information is created by gathering and analyzing different types of data to perceive patterns and relationships information systems help transform data into information for many purposes including operations, communications, and management. 2. manager must consider information ethics and security in their information systems. computer ethics is the analysis of the impact of computer technology on society and developing policies for its appropriate use. because a firm’s information systems are vulnerable to unauthorized access, managers must also be vigilant in protecting the firm’s sensitive information. 3. database---computer programs that assign multiple characteristics to data and
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Unformatted text preview: allow users to sort the data by characteristic. 4. data mining---the process of determining the relevant factors in the accumulated data to extract the data that are important to the user. 5. information technology includes six basic data-processing operations: A. captures: obtain a representation of information in a form permitting it to be transmitted or stored B. transmit: move information from one place to another C. store: move information to a specific place for later retrieval D. retrieve: find the specific information that is currently needed E. manipulate: create new information form existing information through summarizing. Sorting, rearranging reformatting, or other types of calculation F. display: show information to a person...
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