assignment 1 - Management 100 Introduction to Business...

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Management 100 Introduction to Business Management Spring 2007 Assignment 1 ID: G00735866 Part 1 1. While the “shared ownership” could be interpreted as shared equity in the firm, my answer is based on the more obvious “ownership” in responsibility and decision process in operating the business. One of the espoused values at New Belgium Brewery is a shared “ownership” in the company by the means of empowering employees to understand how decisions impact the finance of the firm and giving them a say during the decision making process. One measure to facilitate this ownership is to make the company’s finances transparent within the firm. This engages employees in seeing the results of their work, and makes them feel accountable for their decisions. Empowered with tangible knowledge and feeling engaged, this helps employees participate more actively in the operation of the firm, and hence bring happiness and fun through enriched employment. I had worked at a bank for three years in China firstly as a cashier and then an assistant manager at a local branch. Everyday, I had to deal with all kinds of requests from clients, while I strove to satisfy their demands; the stringent procedures and regulations of the bank left me and other coworkers with little opportunity to make our own decisions. Following the routines made the job
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assignment 1 - Management 100 Introduction to Business...

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