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Management 100 Introduction to business Management Spring 2007 Assignment 4 ID #: G00735866 Part 1 1. The term diversity refers to differences among people that are either inborn (such as race and gender) or chosen (such as occupation and religion). The benefits to employee diversity include better access to differentiated markets, greater competitiveness on a global scale, more creative problem solving within the firm, and enhanced team performance. 2. Monoculture---the homogeneous organizational culture that results from turnover of dissimilar employees. Ethnocentrism---a belief that may become prevalent among majority-group employees, meaning that they believe that their way of doing things, their values, and their norms are inherently superior to those of other groups and cultures. Glass ceiling---the intangible barrier that prevents women and minorities from rising to the upper levels in business. Part 2 Gender Pay Gap
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