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midinfo - Mathematics 154 Spring 28 MEETERM ENFORMAHON The...

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Unformatted text preview: Mathematics 154 Spring? 28%? MEETERM ENFORMAHON The examination Witt be at noon on Friday, May 11. it wit} be heté in Physics and Agtrotrortty Emitting {FAB} 1434A and trot the usuei iectttre room. it is a. eioseri book exeminetion. You wit}; work eetirety or; the examination pager, o0 scratch paper is permitted, 80 you Wit} need: to brittg to the examination nothing out a germ}. The examination Witt cover the materiat of the course throegh Section 62.}. Professor Srown’s office hoors durirtg the week of May 7 Witt be: Morrday 10 m 3.1 and 3 w 49 Thorsday 3 — 49 Frittey it} — it A gamete exam has beer: oosteti ort the dress Web Site. The gamete exam sotutiorls wiit be posted a few days before the exam. Tire sotutiorts to the exam questions will be posted after ttie exam ox the coarse Web sites, probabty hy the end of the day or: May it. ...
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