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finsol08 - 8 Consider the problem Minimize f:c 2...

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Unformatted text preview: 8. Consider the problem Minimize f(:c) 2 “$1,372,339 subject to x¥+$§+m§—l = 0 NIH 51(33): 9($17$2,$3) = (Note that none of the following questions depend on the function f(:v).) (a) Show that the curve x(t) = (fisint, cost, 0)T _ is a feasible curve for the constiaint. (b) Show that 33* = 33(0) is a regular point for the constraint. (c) Show that the tangent x’(t) to the curve $(t) at 17* is in the null space of Vg(x*)T. CM 'ZL’OFLJQUW (%{)’§+(O)7i/ : 0 ~— Ch) X, > X6)?(02’/ O)/ VQCMT7L—Xl 3X1 2X3] ...
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