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fininfo - Mathematics 164 Spring 2005 FINAL EXAMINATION...

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Unformatted text preview: Mathematics 164 Spring, 2005 FINAL EXAMINATION INFORMATION The examination will be 11:30 to 2. 30 on Tuesday, June 14. It will be held in the following location: Haines 118 (that is, both lectures will use the same room) and not the usual lecture rooms. You must take the exam with the class in which you are officially registered. It is a closed book examination. 7 You will work entirely on the examination paper, no scratch paper is permitted, so you will need to bring to the examination nothing but a pencil. The examination will cover all the material of the course but will emphasize the topics since the midterm, that is, from Chapter 6 on. The instructors will hold extra office hours during the week of June 13 before as follows: Brown: Monday 11 - 12 and 1 — 2 and Tuesday 10 - 11 Preda: Monday 12 '— 1 and 2 — 3 and Tuesday 10 — 11 A sample exam has been posted on the two class Web sites. Sample exam solutions will be posted a few days before the exam. The solutions to the exam questions will be posted after the exam on the course Web sites. ...
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