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fininfo_2 - Mathematics 164/2 Winter 2008 FINAL EXAMINATION...

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Unformatted text preview: Mathematics 164/2 Winter, 2008 FINAL EXAMINATION INFORMATION The examihatioa wiIl be 8:99 to Ilzili) on Wedrresday, March l9 It will be held in the following location: FRANZ 2258A It is a closed book examination. You will work entirely on the examination paper, no scratch paper is permitted, so you will need to bring to the examination nothing bet a pencil. There are 10 questions, each worth 20 points. Two of them are proofs based on the list in the “proofs” handout. The examination is based on all the material of the course, bet it will emphasize the topics since the midterm, that is, from Chapters 10 and 14. Prof. Brown will hold extra office hours as foilows: Monday, March I7, from 3 to 4 and Tuesday, March 18, from 11 to 12. A sample exam has been posted on the ciass Web site. The solutions to the sample exam will be posted several days before the exam. The solutions to the fiaal exam qeestions will be posted after the exam on the course Web site. ...
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