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Intro Assignment 2 - Winter 2010

Intro Assignment 2 - Winter 2010 - 1INTRODUCTION TO...

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1 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHICAL PROBLEMS PHI 1030 002 - 22533 Winter Semester, 2010 Second Assignment – Due: Thursday, March 11, 2010 Directions: Do all of Part I, and one of the essays in Part II. The essay you write for Part II should be no more than one (1) typewritten (or word processed) page (double-spaced, with 1 inch margins and a type face of no less than 10 points). What is important is not whether you agree or disagree with philosophical views that have been expressed in class or in your reading. What is important is that formulate your position on the issue you are discussing, that you formulate it clearly, and that you defend your position. Check your essay for grammar and spelling. Be clear and precise. Make sure that you indicate which topic you are writing about. Make sure that your name appears on each piece of paper you turn in. Attach your essay to this sheet. Part I - Circle the letter corresponding to the best way to complete the sentence, or the best answer to the question asked. (5 points each) 1. "Every action is either morally right or morally wrong." This statement
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