philonotespaper3 - Ethics greek word for habit Moral person...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/4/10 Ethics: greek word for habit. Moral person does the right thing without thinking of it. Utilitarianism: do as much good as you can. 3 men that brought it into prominence were James Mill, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill (son). John Stuart was the smart one. Save 5, one dies, net gain 4 lives. 3/11/10 Hedonistic utilitarianism, action maximizes the amount of pleasure. I t makes the prediction that you are indifferent. Would you prefer to actually eat an apple or step into the experience machine and dial up an apple. The experience machine makes things twice as enjoyable. If you eat the apple it means you prefer to engage. Experience machine involves interacting in your own head. Bentham tried to find a numerical value to pleasures. The hedonistic calculus. You are plugged in to the experience machine – then asked where you are happier. You are happier but doesn’t mean you want to be plugged into the machine the entire time. Hedonistic utilitarianism Preference utilitarianism: right act to perform is the act that has the best consequences for preference satisfaction. Drug use, prostitution. All that matters is the degree to what a person gets their preferences satisfied. Turns out you buy the same item, same store, you get more change than me. Explanation: the cashier doesn’t like me. You will be satisfied by nothing less than a bowl of icecream, as with me. One bowl left, sharing won’t work because on one will get what they want. If you haven’t had a bowl in 6 months and I had one this morning than you should probably get it. That would be consistent with preference utilitarianism to decide. Intensity. A good measure on intensity would be paying a portion of your discretionary income. I may outbid you because it would disappoint you. 3-23-10 Justice: getting what you deserve Procedural justice: If two people receive the same info and one flops while the other succeeds after playing the stock market Outcome justice: the result of starving isn’t a situation a person might deserve to be in. Doesn’t deserve to starve just because he made a bad investment based on the same information....
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philonotespaper3 - Ethics greek word for habit Moral person...

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