ACC 5115-Syllabus for Spring-Summer 2010

ACC 5115-Syllabus for Spring-Summer 2010 - Wayne State...

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Wayne State University School of Business Administration 1 Department of Accounting ACC 5115: Intermediate Accounting III SYLLABUS for Spring/Summer 2010 Instructor: Dr. Santanu Mitra Office: 136 Rands House Phone: (313) 577 - 9908; Fax: (313) 577 - 2000 E-mail: Office Hours: Monday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at 136 Rands House. Class Location: State Hall; Room No. 131. Class Time: Monday from 6 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. Note: Due to the following holidays, Fridays of the respective weeks will be treated as Mondays. For Memorial Day on May 31 st holiday - Class will be held on June 4 th (Friday) For Independence Day on July 5 th holiday - Class will be held on July 9 th (Friday) Text Book: Intermediate Accounting, Updated 12 th edition or 13 th edition. Authors: Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield. Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Furthermore, annual reports and various professional publications should be reviewed as suggested by the instructor during the course of the semester. Prerequisite: ACC 5110. This prerequisite is enforced by the Department of Accounting. Students who register for this course despite not having fulfilled the appropriate prerequisite will be subject to unilateral withdrawal, with no appeals, after the course has commenced. No approvals will be provided for adding a different class after official registration. Course Withdrawal Policy: The course’s withdrawal policy is consistent with University policy. Students may withdraw through the fourth week of class without the course appearing on academic records. After the fourth week of class, withdrawals will require the instructor’s approval and a “W” will be assigned. Students who request withdrawals beginning with the 5th week of the term will receive one of these notations: -WP Withdrawal with a passing grade earned to date -WF Withdrawal with a failing grade earned to date -WN Withdrawal never attended, or no graded work to date Students are responsible for notifying the instructor of the exact date of withdrawal from class. The WN grade will be awarded only to students who did not attend any classes and/or did not complete any assignments and/or did not participate in any credit-earning activities by the withdrawal date. If a student decides not to go to class after receiving a grade for any component of a course, the WP or WF grade will be awarded as appropriate. Course Objective: ACC 5115 is the third intermediate financial accounting course and is regarded as the capstone course for the undergraduate students with accounting major. The course includes relatively complex issues concerning long-term liabilities, stockholders’ equity and other advanced financial accounting topics. The course is designed to help students develop in-depth knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and enhance their understanding of various financial statement measurements and disclosure issues. The framework of the course serves as an effective learning tool enabling students to critically interpret and analyze complex financial statement information relating to
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2011 for the course ACC 5115 taught by Professor Mitra during the Winter '10 term at Wayne State University.

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ACC 5115-Syllabus for Spring-Summer 2010 - Wayne State...

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