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SBA Internship Program_October2007 - THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM...

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THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM OVERVIEW An internship is an applied academic experience conducted under joint faculty and employer supervision. An internship provides the student the opportunity to build upon, apply, and assess the concepts that are developed through the School’s curriculum and to further the student’s professional growth through a meaningful “real-world” job experience. Internships give you a running start in your chosen career and show employers that you have initiative, experience and are ready for the work force. Further, internships can help you focus your career interests and offer you a glimpse into potential career paths that the classroom cannot provide. In particular, the internship experience leads to: Increased professional skills Increased confidence in yourself and your abilities Greater familiarity with the business environment Enhanced knowledge of specific industries, organizations, professions, occupations, and positions Deeper appreciation of the key role of communication skills in business Greater insight into the interactions between people as a critical factor in being successful in business Better understanding of the importance of teams in business Expanded network of business professionals Increased relevancy of subsequent coursework Full-time career and employment offers Ability to hit the ground running in your first position after graduation Internships will typically last a minimum of one semester. Any internship compensation will be established by the employer. Both paid and unpaid internships are available and the employer and the intern student will mutually agree upon the work schedule.
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The School of Business Administration also actively participates in the University Cooperative Education ( Co-op ) Program in which students alternate semesters of work and academic study. Eligibility for the Co-op program begins in the junior year or upon having earned more than the minimum fifty-four semester credits. Students interested in this program should contact the Cooperative Education Coordinator, Career Planning and Placement Services, 1001 Faculty Administration Building; 577-3390. Students admitted to the Co-op program with minimum junior standing should recognize that an additional calendar year may be needed to fulfill the requirements for the bachelor's degree. No academic credit is granted for participation in the Co-op Program; Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (`S/U') grades are given, however, and are entered on the official University transcript. INTERNSHIP EXPECTATIONS
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SBA Internship Program_October2007 - THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM...

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