TR 6223 - 1/ What are the key objectives of ITS and how are...

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1/ What are the key objectives of ITS and how are they achieved in real world applications. Please provide examples and outcomes. Please use your own worlds and review class notes. Key objective of ITS: - Road safety - Efficiency - Mobility - Productivity - Energy & Environment - Customer Satisfaction ITS Application : - Traveler Information - Traffic Management - Archived Data - Transit Management - Maintenance and Construction - Commercial Vehicle Operations - Emergency / Traffic Incident Management Examples: As we know, ITS is used for reducing congestion, improving safety, and mitigating negative environmental impacts related to transportation. Therefore, E-Pass is already being used throughout the state and New York City has an Advanced Traveler Information System that allows people to view real-time traffic conditions via the internet. - On the other hand, the importance of ITS for NY goes beyond transportation. ITS is important to NY state for economic reason as well. Several New York companies, including Corning, IBM, and Veridian are leaders in technologies relevant to ITS. Moreover, it is estimated that the New York share of the national ITS infrastructure investment for the period 1995-2005 will be $1.8 billion. For the twenty-year period, ending 2015, New York’s share of the total national market for ITS could well approach $20 billion. - With Automated Work Zone Information Systems, the system was evaluated provides en-route traveler information to advise drivers of traffic speeds in advance of diversion points upstream of a work zone, encouraging them to divert to alternate routes when the work zone is congested. 2/ Why ITS emphasis was included in the US transportation policy? What is the provision made by the US department of transportation to enforce ITS policy at state and local levels? Give examples where such a policy has made a difference. ITS emphasis was included in the US transportation policy because the Nation ITS Architecture provides a common structure for the design of intelligent transportation systems. It is not a system design nor it is a design concept. It is the framework around which multiple design approaches can be developed, each one specifically tailored to
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meet the individual needs of the user, while maintaining the benefits of a common architecture. B/ The provision made by the FHWA to enforce ITS policy at state and local level: FHWA Rule 940 : - ITS architecture, ITS Standard, SEP ITS project means any project that in whole or in part funds the acquisition of technologies or systems of technologies that provide or significantly contribute to the provision of one or more ITS user services as defined in the National ITS Architecture. 3/ How are ITS data transported from Point A to Point B? What are the commonly
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TR 6223 - 1/ What are the key objectives of ITS and how are...

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