Defn-Exam 1-Geog 339

Defn-Exam 1-Geog 339 - Geog 339 Definitions HYPOTHESIS: A...

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Geog 339 Definitions - HYPOTHESIS : A testable statement about the “link” (mechanism) between the process and the observations. - THEORY : A body of knowledge which is used to pose hypotheses - OBSERVATION : The elements or phenomena under study for which information (data) is obtained or assigned. - VARIABLE : A property or characteristic of each observation that can be measured. - DATA VALUE : A particular instance of measurement of a variable of interest. - DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS : Statistics for providing “digested” summaries of variables - INFERENTIAL STATISTICS : Statistics for testing hypotheses, or generalizing from samples to populations. - SAMPLE : A clearly identified subset of observations, derived from a larger population - POPULATION : The entire group to which generalizations are made, and which the sample is a member of. - PRIMARY DATA SOURCE : Data acquired directly from the source, investigator has control over the data-gathering procedure. - SECONDARY DATA SOURCE : (ARCHIVAL) Data acquired by an organisation or agency, variation in collection methods and data quality. - EXPLICITLY SPATIAL : Analyses in which spatial relationships (location) are directly considered. - IMPLICITLY SPATIAL : an analysis in which spatial relationships are not directly considered. - INDIVIDUAL LEVEL : Analysis is at the level of the “fundamental unit” of individual observations. - AGGREGATE LEVEL : Analyses at a higher level of organization than individual organizations. - ECOLOGICAL FALLACY : An attempt at making inferences at a lower level of organisation than the level at which analyses were conducted. - MAUP : The difficulty in determining the appropriate level of organisation for making inference. Scale effect
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Defn-Exam 1-Geog 339 - Geog 339 Definitions HYPOTHESIS: A...

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