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1 1 Geography 333 Remote Sensing I Topic 13: Increasing Accuracy (Part II) 2 Readings Topic 13: Chapter 13 – Thematic Map Accuracy Assessment Topic 14: Chapter 12 – Change Detection Topic 15 (?): (i) Microwave (ii) Lidar, (iii) Thermal Imagery – HEAT project 3 Outline: Increasing Accuracy Data alternatives High resolution imagery Complementary imagery DEMs Image processing alternatives Texture analysis Context and beyond Classifier alternatives Tweaking maximum likelihood Advanced classifiers
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2 4 Thematic Information Extraction Define the classification problem Acquire the appropriate data Perform pre-processing tasks Perform image processing and classification Evaluate the classification Report and distribute 5 Define the classification Problem: USGS Land Use/Land Cover Classification System A hierarchical classification scheme designed specifically for remote sensing classification IKONOS pan, Quickbird pan, 1:20,000 air photos IV IRS pan, IKONOS ms, Quickbird ms, 1:50,000 air photos III SPOT pan, ETM+pan, IRS ms, RADARSAT 11x9, 1:100,000 air photos II Landsat MSS, TM, SPOT XS, RADARSAT 100x100, 1:240,000 air photos I Typical Data Characteristics Classification Level 6 510. Streams and Canals 520. Lakes 530. Reservoirs Etc… 500 Water 910. Perennial Snowfields 920. Glaciers 900 Perennial Snow and Ice 410. Deciduous Forest 420. Evergreen Forest 430. Mixed Forest Land 400 Forest Land 810. Shrub and Brush Tundra 820. Herbaceous Tundra 830. Bare Ground Tundra Etc… 800 Tundra 310. Herb. Rangeland 320. Shrub and Brush Rangeland 330. Mixed Rangeland 300 Rangeland 710. Dry Salt Flats 720. Beaches 730. Sandy Areas Etc… 700 Barren Land 210. Cropland/Pasture 220. Orchards, Groves
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T13_Accuracy_Assessment_PART2_3slides - Geography 333...

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