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1 Geography 333 Remote Sensing I Final Review 2 Geog 333 Final Exam In Class Dec 09 75 mins in duration Worth 10% of your final grade 40-50 multiple choice (aprox 3-4 per section) The exam is cumulative , and will cover all course topics More emphasis on materials covered since the midterm Lectures, labs, and readings are all testable 3 How to Study for This Thing? Start with the lectures : These define the topics for the course Make a list: what are the ‘core concepts’ of each topic? What pet topics does the instructor like or emphasis…i.e., what is GEOBIA? Key to Understanding -> Ask these questions : What, why, where, when, how? Ideally, you want to know ALL THIS MATERIAL. However, the trick comes in trying to anticipate what will appear on the test! Cross-list this list against topics reinforced in the labs . This will help you rank the relative importance of each issue Think like an instructor : which concepts are ‘easily testable’ given the format of the exam?
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2 4 Topic 3: Colour Theory, Multiband Images, Enhancement The raster data model: pixels and single attributes Computer storage of information: binary number system, bits, and bytes* RGB/Additive colour theory* CMYK/Subtractive colour theory* Channels, layers, and RGB colour composites ‘True colour’, lookup tables, and pseudocolour tables Scatterplots and histograms Image thresholding Density slicing* Contrast enhancement* Linear, exponential, logarithmic, etc… 5 Topic 4: Electromagnetic Radiation Principles The physics of light: particle* and wave theory Wavelength and frequency The basic physical laws: Planck*, Stefan-Boltzmann, Wien’s* - relations to black bodies The electromagnetic spectrum EMR/Matter interaction: transmission, scattering* (Mie, Rayleigh, Non-selective), absorption (atmospheric windows*), reflectance (specular* and diffuse) Spectral signatures and reflectance curves What is happening to light when it contacts vegetation, or
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T16_Final Review_3slides - Geography 333 Remote Sensing I...

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