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Spring 2010 EE364 : Introduction to Probability and Statistics For Electrical Engineering Homework Assignment/Due Dates Homework will normally be assigned on each Thursday and will be due by 5pm the following Thursday, either in-class, or at the office of Dr. Mendel (EEB 400b). Homework assignments will generally be made during the Thursday class, and will be posted approximately weekly on the course’s web page. Late homework will not be accepted. A missing homework (late or otherwise) will receive a grade of zero for both the randomly chosen problem and the remaining problems. Solutions to the homework will be put on-line as close to the due date as possible.
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Unformatted text preview: The homework with the two lowest grades will not be counted towards the final score. This is true for both the randomly chosen problems and the remaining problems. Number Assigned on Due on 1 Jan. 14 Jan 21 2 Jan. 21 Jan. 28 3 Jan. 28 Feb. 4 4 Feb. 4 Feb. 11 5 Feb. 11 Feb. 18 6 Feb. 18 March 2 7 Feb. 23 March 4 8 March 4 March 11 9 March 11 March 25 10 March 25 April 1 11 April 1 April 13 12 April 6 April 15 13 April 15 April 22 14 April 22 April 29 Of these 14 assignments the 12 best scores will count towards your grade....
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