Fixing a flat Tire

Fixing a flat Tire - May 210 ng A Flat Tire 135 aylor...

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ay 210 ng A Flat Tire 135 aylor
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Michael Taylor English 135 Professor Garcia 5/2/2010 Expository Essay Fixing a flat Tire As a teenager on the verge of getting my license, I remember my father telling me that there are certain things that everyone who drives should know. The lessons regarding basic maintenance and repair my father taught me has helped me out of many situations. He believed and instilled in me, that no matter if we are male or female, we are capable of helping ourselves out of minor driving mishaps that may arise on the road. I remember my father standing at the side of the car showing me how to change the tire, he took each step slowly and then afterward had me practice on another tire. This knowledge I have used a couple of times in my life. Changing a tire can be different for each vehicle so it is best to familiarize yourself with the specific “how to’s before the need arises. I suggest when you first get your vehicle that you read your owner’s manual and then keep it in a safe place, like the glove compartment, for future reference. By reading it before a need arises, you can get any questions you may have answered before hand. First, make sure you always have the proper equipment on hand should you get a flat tire on a road. This includes but is not limited to a spare or doughnut tire, be sure to check this periodically for air, there is nothing worse than having a flat tire and a flat spare. Then a jack, folding wrench and shaft be sure these are in good working order and in a place that is easily accessible. It is nothing worse than having to empty the entire truck to get to the tools you need. A flashlight with batteries be sure to check the batteries periodically as it would be terrible to have a flat tire in the dark and have the batteries be dead. For small holes that need only a temporary fix, you can buy a product that call tire inflator and sealant, Tire jack or fix a flat are two brands names of this type of product. These products are very hand for certain holes but will do nothing if there tear is on the sidewall of the tire. I f you pick up a nail and
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Fixing a flat Tire - May 210 ng A Flat Tire 135 aylor...

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