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McDonalds - McDonalds/Wal-Mart 1 McDonalds/Wal-Mart Stacy M...

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McDonalds/Wal-Mart 1 McDonalds/Wal-Mart Stacy M. Adams Strayer University ECCO/550 Saad Khalil December 19, 2010
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McDonalds/Wal-Mart 2 McDonalds/Wal-Mart Comparison: Strategy for Distribution and Logistics : Wal-Mart has introduced a well designed form of logistic in their system. Wal-Mart uses new logistic technologies for centralized distribution and an aggressive price strategy to expand its business in Mexico (Alavudeen, Rahman & Jayakumaran, 2008). In the similar way, McDonalds also focuses on technology transfer to its local suppliers. It transfers its global competency technologies to its local suppliers. Both Wal- Mart and McDonalds focus on local suppliers to maintain logistics system effectively. Operational Strategy : Wal-Mart has introduced new logistic technology to manage its operational services. Similarly, McDonalds also focuses on its operations to produce the quality products and consistency of cuisine at all its restaurants across China (Han, 2008).
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