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EM251-Syllabus Fall 10 - EM 251: Statics Fall 2010 Section...

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EM 251: Statics – Fall 2010 Section 01 MWF 1:10 – 2:00 Roberts Hall Rm 101 Section 02 MWF 10:00 - 10:50 Reid Hall Rm 103 OBJECTIVES: To teach students to analyze elementary static systems. The course will rely on the students’ prerequisite knowledge of mathematics and basic science in assimilating new principles and analytical techniques, and problem solving skills for Statics. The necessary skills in vector representation, operations, and analysis will be treated to provide the mathematical tools necessary for equilibrium analysis. Methods for analyzing/evaluating equilibrium of two dimensional and three dimensional scenarios are developed. Only statically determinate situations are addressed and the techniques for determining whether a situation is determinate or indeterminate are treated. By the end of the course, students will be able to determine both the internal and external forces associated with simple frames and machines in two and three dimensions for statically determinant conditions. In addition, area and mass properties will be covered. OUTCOMES: Students will be able to solve a variety of engineering problems that involve static equilibrium. Students will understand the technical basis for performing these evaluations. Problem solving skills will be enhanced by instruction and application of problem solving methods in this class. Students will attain a knowledge of technical subjects which supports further study in mechanics of materials, particle & rigid body dynamics, and machine design. INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Miller, 226 Cobleigh Hall, 994-6118 dan.miller@coe.montana.edu OFFICE HOURS: 2:00-3:00 MWF, 9:00-11:00 TTH and by prior appointment Web URL http://www.coe.montana.edu/ce/dan.miller/EM%20251/ TEXT: Bedford and Fowler, Engineering Mechanics; Statics , 5 th Edition PREREQUISITE: PHSX 220 (Physics 211) COREQUISITE: M 273 (Math 224) HOMEWORK: There are 13 homework assignments for the course. Homework will be collected on Fridays in class per the due dates below. Late homework will be accepted for one lesson (by the start of the next class meeting) after the due date with 50% credit possible. After the start of the next lesson, no credit will be given. One low homework score will be dropped. Restatement of problem, solution organization, clarity of work and,
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EM251-Syllabus Fall 10 - EM 251: Statics Fall 2010 Section...

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