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Comma vs. Semicolon in Compound Sentences: Exercise Brought to you by The Purdue University Online Writing Lab at . Each of the following sentences needs either a comma or a semicolon. Put in the necessary punctuation. 1. Many companies make sugar-free soft drinks, which are flavored by synthetic chemicals the drinks usually contain only one or two calories per serving. 2. Mr. Leyland played the viola professionally for many years and he now conducts a community orchestra. 3. The crab grass was flourishing but the rest of the lawn, unfortunately, was dying. 4. The hill was covered with wildflowers it was a beautiful sight. 5. As I turned around, I heard a loud thump for the cat had upset the goldfish bowl. 6. The artist preferred to paint in oils he did not like watercolors. 7. The house was clean, the table set, and the porch light on everything was ready for the guests' arrival. 8. He looked carefully in the underbrush but he failed to notice the pair of green eyes staring at him. 9. The foundations of the house had been poured but, to his disappointment, nothing else had been done because of the carpenters' strike. 10. The computer could perform millions of operations in a split second however, it could not think spontaneously. 11. I thought registration day would be tiring but I didn't know I'd have to stand in so many lines.
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Comma+vs+semicolons+Purdue+Owl - Comma vs Semicolon in...

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