DANGLING+MODIFIERS+etc. - APOSTROPHES 1. The innovative...

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DANGLING MODIFIERS 1. At the age of six, my grandparents bought me my first bike. 2. Understanding the needs of the students, the grammar handbook the instructor had  assigned was very helpful. 3. While visiting my father’s lab in the mountains, goats and pigs would often cross my  path. 4. After buying a CD with Balcan music, the use of fiddles, drums, and cymbalom reminded  me of music from the northern part of Greece. 5. As a young girl, my mother enrolled me in English and French classes after school.
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Unformatted text preview: APOSTROPHES 1. The innovative design improved the bikes performance. 2. The new school lunches are better for the students diet and overall health. 3. The course was taught by a new instructor in the program whos techniques stemmed from recent ESL theories. 4. John worked two job s in order to meet his families financial needs. 5. Each part of the textbook presents the students with its own challenges....
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DANGLING+MODIFIERS+etc. - APOSTROPHES 1. The innovative...

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