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Dialectical Notebook Sample on Chapter 1, “The Doors of Perception,” p. 11-18. To the left side of your notebook, write direct quotes (DQ) or notes (N) you will take while reading each essay: DQ: “Lilly’s womb tank experiments underscore the important role that sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell play in relation to the human mind” (12). DQ: “Reflecting on the senses and the process of perception offers you the chance to write from the authority of direct, personal experience. It also challenges you to see that even your most intensely personal experience is, in fact, a kind of a “text”—a sensory document shaped by broader cultural values, attitudes, and expectations—a text that, like all texts, is open to interpretation and revision.” (12). N: This section on p. 13 describes how the senses have been viewed from the Christians’ perspective to Greek philosophers to 17 th C. thinkers (pgs. 13- 14). DQ:
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