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1. Daughters were getting frustrated with mothers “helping” them without asking for it. Daughters are forced to do what their mothers have suggested. If the daughter does not listen to her mother, then mothers get frustrated. Mothers expect that their daughter’s lifestyle to include a high- earning career, a happy marriage, and have healthy children. Conversely, daughters would expect their mother to behave more adult like, and refrain from making embarrassing remarks. When the daughter trails off and marry before having a career or became pregnant before marriage, the mother is shocked and feels a sense of shame. When mothers speak in Japanese, mentioning something embarrassing or inappropriate, daughters are ashamed because there are people who understand Japanese around them. And finally, the daughter wishes to be independent from their mother and they wish that their mother will let them do what they want to. The conflict responses were voicing concerns, displaying loyalty, and having family assistance. In this research, five out
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