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The printing process has existed for thousands of years, and today there are many methods by which graphics can be printed. Some such methods include woodblock printing and Gutenberg’s moveable type printing process, which were developed during the middle ages. The oldest method, however, is stenciling. Prehistoric designs suggest that early man pushed plant pigments through perforated leaves in order to create a printed effect on cave walls (Smith 7). Silkscreen printing is a relatively new method of printmaking, but it is based on this ancient
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Unformatted text preview: concept of stenciling. The idea of using a silk fabric as a screen to hold a tieless stencil is generally credited to Samuel Simon of Manchester, who patented the silkscreen process in England in 1907 (10). This process is one of the most versatile and important graphic printing methods still used today, and it is used for printing on fabric, posters, signs, walls, and more....
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