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Aliki Dragona UWP Paraphrasing exercise—the paragraphs come from Joseph Williams, Style, p. 139. A more complicated ethical issue is how we should respond to those who know they write in a  complex style, but claim they must, because they are breaking new intellectual ground.  Are  they right, or is that self-serving rationalization?  This is a vexing question, not just because we  can settle it only case-by-case, but because we may not be able to settle some cases at all, at 
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Unformatted text preview: least not everyone’s satisfaction. We owe the readers an ethical duty to write precise and nuanced prose, but we ought not assume that they owe us an indefinite amount of their time to unpack it. If we choose to write in ways that we know will make readers struggle—well, it’s a free country. But the marketplace of ideas, truth is the prime value, but not the only one. Another is the time it takes to find it....
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