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Unformatted text preview: Aliki Dragona UWP 104A, section 13 Winter 2011 First Day Writing Task Length: 400-500 words approx. Audience: Today I am your audience, your writing instructor Paper weight: 0% SmartSite online submission: Please write this on your own time at home and submit it online by Monday, January 10, 9:00AM, to a folder titled First Day Writing Task under ASSIGNMENTS. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself. Please be sure to save all your documents by your last name and type of document: For example, Jones Assignment 1.doc or Rodriguez Paper 3.docx I want you to accomplish three tasks today. You may write this essay as three separate sections or as one unified pieceboth approaches are fine. 1) First of all, I would like you to briefly describe the kind of writing professionals do in your field. In other words, think of the types of textbooks, articles, reports, or other types of documents you have...
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This note was uploaded on 01/18/2011 for the course UWP 104A taught by Professor Dragona during the Spring '10 term at UC Davis.

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