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1 University Writing Program 104A, Section 13 (CRN: 44230) Business and Report Writing Winter Quarter 2011 Course Requirements Instructor: Aliki Dragona Classroom and meeting time: 93 Hutchison on M & W 12:10-1:30 Instructor's office: 375 Voorhies Hall (corner of A and 1 st ) Office hours : M from 1:30-3:00 and W from 9:00-10:30, and by appointment E-mail: apdragona@ucdavis.edu The Course and Its Goals: UWP 104A is an advanced composition course devoted to exploring the techniques that are useful in designing and writing good formal and informal reports directed toward a variety of work-related audiences. The class is suitable for students planning careers in business and the technical industry. UWP 104A meets three hours a week and carries four units of credit. It satisfies the University Writing Program Composition requirement for students enrolled in Letters and Science and in Engineering, and it can be used to satisfy the University Writing Program requirement by students enrolled in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. All students must write 6000 words, submit all papers, take the final exam, and get an overall C- or better to pass the course. Prerequisites: Students enrolled in the College of Letters and Sciences or in the College of Engineering must have completed 84 units. To get credit for the course, you must have completed the appropriate lower division requirements (i.e., the Entry Level Writing Requirement [ELRE] and the equivalent of UWP 1). Please be aware that if you have not fulfilled these prerequisites, you will not get credit for the course. Check with me if you are unclear. Texts required: 1) Kristin R. Woolever, Writing for the Technical Professions (4 th ed.; and 2) Joseph Williams, Style: The Basics of Clarity and Grace (4 th ed.). Recommended: Diana Hacker’s Rules for Writers or another similar handbook and a good dictionary. Writing Assignments: A diagnostic, four out-of-class essays, and a final exam; also several informal in- class writing and grammar exercises. Apart from in-class work, all other work must be typed and submitted on SmartSite’s ASSIGNMENTS on time unless I advise you otherwise. Please use MLA or APA documentation format for sources. When we are reading essays in workshops, each student is responsible for copies of his/her work. The essays topics will be given to you, at least, one week in advance of their draft due dates; they will be returned to you one week after they are submitted. Note that you will always have your last graded assignment in hand before your next one is due. Please remember that you cannot turn in the same paper for two courses at the university, so your work in UWP 104A will be different from your work in other courses. However, you are encouraged to use research from your major in our class since I will ask you to write about issues that are crucial for your major. If you have questions about using something from another class, please speak to me. Please note that:
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UWP104A+W+2011+syllabus-1 - 1 University Writing Program...

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