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Diabetes awareness and education is particularly important to me because I have juvenile diabetes. I witnessed my parents’ look of shock and disbelief when I was first diagnosed. My parents are very educated, yet knew very little about diabetes. They were confused, worried, and frustrated by the news and by the lack of information available for parents of diabetics. To my parents, the majority of the doctors did not seem very knowledgeable or seem to care about the subject. They gave my mother and father contradicting information, confused my insulin dosages (which would have been fatal), and told me
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Unformatted text preview: and my parents I could no longer be a normal child. My parents had to become their own advocates and teachers and took my illness into their own hands. They researched different medical treatments of the disease as well as different ways to provide me with social and mental support. My parents were lucky enough to have the time and resources to do this. Unfortunately, most people do not. By making this educational pamphlet, I can prevent parents or guardians of newly diagnosed children from going through the same struggles my parents did....
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