Week 5 Case Study

Week 5 Case Study - Week 5 Case Study Brad Domingo...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 5 Case Study Brad Domingo Professor Hesselbein PSYCH 305 December 9, 2009 CASE STUDY 1. What factors, in addition to those cited, do you believe lead to illegitimate political behaviors such as back stabbing? Other factors that I believe lead to illegitimate political behaviors such as back stabbing are working behaviors, the working environment, and just the worker themselves. If you display a certain behavior while at work that others don’t seem to like, they would clearly find a way to not have to work with you by any means necessary. If you give display a bad work environment, of course workers and people in general wouldn’t want to be around that, and would find a way to rid of you. Workers in themselves are always going to find someone they don’t like at work, whether it’s their hair, their personality, or the way the hold them self up, there are always going to be workers/someone out there who won’t like you for whatever the reason may be. Other than this, I don’t really know what other factors there may be, I guess you can call me a little naïve...
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