HRM Dress Code Rational

HRM Dress Code Rational - Designing a dress code is...

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Designing a dress code is essential for creating and maintaining the company’s image and fostering a positive work environment. Generally, employers have three business-related reasons for implementing a dress code policy: (1) to present or create a professional or identifiable appearance for customers, suppliers, and the public; (2) to promote a positive working environment and limit distractions caused by outrageous, provocative, or inappropriate dress; Most organizations have some sort of appearance standards or guidelines that explain to employees what dress and grooming practices are appropriate for the workplace. Over the past two decades, there have been significant shifts in styles of workplace attire. In recent years, organizations have used workplace attire in an attempt to more directly influence employee attitudes and behaviors and, in turn, reflect organizational values (Peluchette & Karl, 2007 p. 3). More recently, a survey of employees indicated that 69 percent would react favorably if their companies adopted more formal dress codes (“Dressing for Success Is Back,” 2003 p.16). In response, a number of companies have readopted formal dress policies, sensing that employees are demonstrating a more serious attitude toward work as compared to ten years ago (“Bosses to
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HRM Dress Code Rational - Designing a dress code is...

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