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Unformatted text preview: Reply to Stephanie Perry Your discussion post held very interesting information that combines the processing of information by decision makers, the use of structural mechanisms, and organizational design. The applications and examples were very easy to comprehend and read. It helped me understand how managers, in general, process information to reduce uncertainly and to reduce complexity of data. Security risk programs are gaining popularity in high information richness media, including audio, streaming video, interactive posters, and virtual reality. Information richness refers to the information carrying capacity of media. As security risks never stop evolving, using real world cases or metaphors would make learning easier, allow understand, and, possibly, help perform security awareness tasks. The Web can easily handle the needs of multimedia (e.g. audio, video and animation) to help reflect real scenarios of security risks. This implies that the information richness of various multimedia could have potential influence on the effectiveness of...
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Reply to Stephanie Perry - Reply to Stephanie Perry Your...

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