Topic talk notes - Place(ex Taco bell staying open late...

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Topic talk notes *A good RFP should: -accentuate the positives for the vendor -be descriptive -enable vendors to differentiate themselves -discuss in detail timelines, transition, periods. Touch points : Are ways that companies keep their customers informed through email, mail, ect. Extrinsi c rewards Includes this as pay, financial incentives, recognition, and promotion. Email etiquette Jokes and cartoons are the #1 spam. 75% of active web users in are connected at home with broadband. Etiquette- is a code that governs the exp. Of social behavior B2B Retailers Institutions Exhibit 2.8 in pg 58 Utility’s Form all the attributes of product or service Possession price (ex. Gas) Time
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Unformatted text preview: Place (ex. Taco bell staying open late) Place Place Note- promotion is only a communication media for all the utilitys. Value proposition is about acquiring new customers, retention of the customers, and profitability. The only two ways to make profit is to cut costs or increase sales. Chp 2 Slotting allowance- fees for the privilege of having the retailer set up a new item on the floor in prime spots on shelves. Drive demand- needs are derived from the firm’s customers’ demand for the goods or service or services it produces or markets. Good for b2b buying (ex staying healthy in airports) Monday due the seller worksheet on blackboard....
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Topic talk notes - Place(ex Taco bell staying open late...

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