Chapter 1 Buyer behavior - Chapter 1 Buyer/Consumer...

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Chapter 1 Buyer/Consumer Behavior *Overview of buyer behavior ….all those mental and non mental activities of people engaged in actual or potential use of market items. Products, services, org, ideas, sets of information, etc…. ….those acts by individuals directly/indirectly involved in obtaining and using economic goods and services…. including the decision processes which precede and determine those actions. *Disciplines which integrate within the area of buyer behavior; Anthropology (cultural)… understanding of standards of behavior passed on from one gen. to another. Economics… understanding rational thinking/behavior Psychology. ..understanding personal thinking and behavior Sociology…. understanding societal group thinking and behavior Social Psychology… understanding personal thinking/behavior within group structures *Example Desires Wants---Customer---------------Purchase---------------Usage------------Post purchase Needs Exchange Evaluation (Note) Three stages to be concerned with: 1. Pre purchase 2. Purchase 3. Post purchase
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Chapter 1 Buyer behavior - Chapter 1 Buyer/Consumer...

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